Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Are We There Yet?

I know, I know. Life is a journey, not a destination. But I keep waiting to get there. Now I'm waiting for October 1st, which is the official release date for my picture book, Mad, Mad Annabelle Jane. Oh, I have some of the books already, and the publisher has it in their catalog. Friends in our New Mexico mountain valley have already bought it. I'm getting signing gigs for October set up by Tate Publishing. But I'm waiting for the book to be on Amazon in October. And I'm waiting to finish the edits on the YA novel, Raina Rising, that Sally Nava and I are writing. I have a goal of Oct 1st for that as well, because we have decided to see how self publishing through Create Space and Amazon's Direct to Kindle goes compared to the picture book launched by a publisher. So, when Oct 1st arrives, will I be there yet?

I know all the wisdom about not projecting, about living in this day and being content with the blessings of life right this moment. I tell myself how true it is that I will miss the beauty of this day if I'm waiting for tomorrow. Somehow, knowing and accepting are different things today. But I'm working on it. Here is my action plan for today: be grateful for this patch of roadway that is my life today. Be grateful for the chance to see my name on the front of a picture book, no matter what happens with the book. Be grateful for the chance to read it to children. Be grateful for the lessons learned in writing a novel, because that is a very different process from writing a picture book!

Okay, so if gratitude is the difference between taking today for granted and enjoying the journey, you would think I would have that down by now. I am, after all, fifty nine years old! Maybe when I'm sixty I'll automatically turn away from the fruitless waiting and look for the blessings of breathing this breath in this place on this day. Maybe when I'm sixty I'll be there. After all, when I'm sixty, I'll have two books out. Right?

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