Saturday, September 27, 2014

No Mistakes

Regret, I hate you.
You drag me down
You make me want to hide.
Regret, child of self centered thought.

My first response
To hide, to deny, to blame.
But you will linger on
Like a bully, waiting to pounce.

Regret, who made you?
Me? Surely not.
I would choose perfection,
If I ignore you, you will disappear.

Still, you whisper
Your lies of power over me.
But I get to choose.
Maybe I'll call your bluff.

Change the past?
Can I go back and undo, re-do?
No. But I can learn.
And grow and forgive and be forgiven.

Regret, my teacher?
I shudder to think so.
And yet, what better use
For you than clearer sight?

Regret, come sit.
I'll tell you true
That you are part of a tale
A necessary part of any story.

Now, let's work
On your bedside manner.
Put away your false intimidation
And help me see my way from here.

Thanks, Regret. That'll do. Til next time.

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