Friday, November 14, 2014

Timely Timely

Another one I wrote a few years back. Today seems like a little time warp, so I'm revisiting it.

Gee, Time Flies!

That sneaky, fooling wiggle hand
Sometimes speed demon
Sometimes snail
Can’t see it move at all.

That strict, straight marching hand
Tick tock lock step
Ever striking sharp sounds
Doesn’t sleep, doesn’t stand still.

That fuzzy floating free hand
Can’t pin it down
No digital readout
No sundial on a cloudy day.

Even really smart guys
Even super science girls
Can’t really say
Time…what is it, anyway?

Is it like a calendar?
Little blocks lined up
Keeps days organized
Monday is a school day….yes!

Is it like a star chart?
Who’s right here when?
Keeps us all on our toes
Time for lunch, time for bed!

Scary loud alarm buzz
Sweet old tick tock
Cuckoo bird from Germany
Silent sweeping watch hand,

All tell time or at least
What you need to know
When to stay and when to go
Measuring the hours.

Time in the big sky
Doesn’t jump, doesn’t jerk
Just goes round in a never ending
Never stopping circle kind of way.
Gee, time flies!

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